What is the FreeFind?

FreeFind is the Local Business Directory search engine, also online Advertise provider.

Why should I use the FreeFind?

The FreeFind is a powerful local Business Directory search engine helps you to find the Business Directory / products / services / persons / Help Line Numbers / Jobs etc are available to the public in the given area of community. This website makes you available to market your services which increase your business. Professionals are spending thousands of dollars to promote them self to increase the business but return are less. To take out all obstacles and to help your success the FreeFind created powerful Business Directory search engine to market your services to the community who are waiting for your services.

Who can post the advertisement in the FreeFind?

All can Register Free Business Listing or post the advisement such franchisers, dealers, IT companies, Insurance, Bank, Realtor, Doctor, Contractor, Attorney, and Dentist, from single individual to all companies can post the advertisement. This is a local Business Directory search engine website and every one can participate.

Should I have to pay any subscription fee?

Yes. There is some fee associated to promote / market yourself or your services / your products in the FreeFind website, Surprisingly this is the only website charging with a low fee for the basic subscription. That little fee is offering by FreeFind, To know more about the pricing log in to the system send us an Email to freefind.ads@gmail.com one of our sale executive will call you back.

What type of subscription FreeFind is providing?

Currently there are three types of subsections available.



Is my information is secured?

Yes your information is absolutely secured. We do not share any of your information with third parties? To know more about the privacy, please read our privacy policy and still if you further questions please send as an email freefindonline@gmail.com

Can I upgrade my subscription Types?

Yes you can upgrade your subscription from lower level to upper level however the FreeFind will charge the difference.

Can in down grade my subscription level?

Yes you can, but you can down grade only after expiration of the current subscription.

Can I edit my content or the information of the advertisement?

Yes you have absolute control over the advertisement. This 24 / 7 you can login and edit such add, delete etc.

Do I need fill all the fields of the advertisement page?

Yes, you must to fill up all the mandatory fields and all the fields, and whatever you filled portions are not displayed to the public. That is up to you / advertisers choose which portions want to make public and which one is private.

What is the minimum period of subscription?

There is minimum three months subscription is required to post an advertisement. However if you want subscribe more than 1 months you can choose up to maximum 6 Month.

I have more than one business. Can I post more than one advertisement?

Yes you can. If you have more than one business and want to present different text or content, you can post as many as advertisement. However for each advertisement you have to pay the fees. And also you can choose the level of subscription for each advertisement.

Will the FreeFind will allow my business or log and call the customer directly?

Yes you can post your business and yes the customer can call you directly.

Can FreeFind allow the customer to post a review on my business or service?

The FreeFind allow the general user to write a feed back on your services. FreeFind is not representing any one; hence FreeFind is free from all liabilities.

Is the advertisement has to approve by the FreeFind?

Yes it has to approve by the FreeFind. We review all the contents and material posted by you, if we feel any of the text or content or any other form is endanger to the public life, health and safety will remove the advertisement immediately.

What will happen if FreeFind will not approve?

We will notify to the advertiser with all due reason why it was not approved and once if the advertiser correct those, then it will be available for the public.

Should I have to participate in the promotional coupons?

That is the discretion of the advertiser i.e. you. If you want to participate or promote you can offer the coupons. That coupons column shows clearly the discounts / coupons on which service, how much percentage and valid period etc. That is up to the advertiser interest and discretion how long on what items etc. You can also review your coupon before submitting and greatly you have absolute control on the coupons i.e. you can edit any time.

Can the client call me directly?

Yes the clients can all you directly. No middle man, no commissions, no referral fee etc. This is a direct communication between the client and you.

What are the methods clients can calls me?

There is no specific method. Whatever the method you want to the client will call the same method such as email, telephone, fax etc And if you want to change the method communication just simply log in to your account and change the settings.

Will the FreeFind routes the client calls to me?

No FreeFind does a not route the clients calls as we are not receiving any calls from the clients. The clients are calling directly you. However in some countries we are offering those services, please check with country where that service are offerings.